I swear this man is psychic! He will ask you questions about yourself that doctors don’t normally ask about your health and he picks up on your pain and symptoms quickly! All I did was say, how’d you know? And he would say that it’s all in the medicine. Besides that, he made a month old pain in my back and headache go away. Better than taking a pain pill.

Excellent and compassionate

It was awesome….. and much more than I expected… I hope to continue treatment as needed as I absolutely feel BETTER!

Storm is kind and caring. He makes the entire experience very relaxing. It is virtually painless. And this is coming from someone who hates needles. I highly recommend Storm for acupuncture.

It was a great experience

I’ve been seeing Storm for almost a year now. He’s one of the best acupuncture practitioners, if not the best I’ve ever went to. I sought him out to help me with numerous complaints, mostly due to communicable illnesses due to working in a hospital.
During the height of the H1N1 outbreak, many of my co-workers were getting sick. Everyone thought that they were contracting the H1N1 because of the number of cases coming in. I thought so to and I did eventually catch the illness. Being a nurse, I had access to MDs who prescribe medications to fight this illness. The medications didn’t work.
I was a big skeptic about acupuncture and herbal therapies for this sort of thing but I decided to give it a shot. Storm made me a believer. His treatments combined with the medications help fight off the flu. Any time I feel I am sick, I go to him, 1-2 treatments, it’s gone. And the treatments helped me keep my immunity strong. Call him, he can do wonders.

Very nice office, thorough explanation of procedure, good experience.

This was my first time trying acupuncture and I was so pleasantly surprised. I immediately felt comfortable when I met Storm and he was so warm and friendly and explained everything to me and explained how everything worked. I felt renewed and refreshed after this appointment and I’ve already booked for next week!

He’s great!

Storm has helped me out a lot. I was in a really bad car accident where I nearly broke my back. I had a lot of herniated discs and a really bad concussion. Storm has helped me get over my headaches from the car accident while helping me with the pain with the herniated discs. I highly recommend him as an acupuncturist because of his professionalism, his knowledge as well as his sense of humor and heart. He loves what he does.

Excellent acupuncturist, very effective. Storm helped my back pain tremendously. Great as a treatment by itself or an adjunct treatment with other therapies such as massage and chiropractic. Highly recommended!

The suite had a calming atmosphere and it was very clean. Storm (who masters in Chinese Medicine) was patient and explained each process to me even down to the placement of the needles. One exceptional thing he did was manipulate the needles. I’ve never had an acupuncturist do that. An enlightening experience and pain free results.

Very professional, good experience! I would definitely recommend his business!

I am a patient of Storm’s and have known him personally and professionally for the past 2.5 years. He has really helped me with my health concerns. One health issue I was having for most of my adult life was irregular cycles. I had tried many different avenues to regulate my body and was not successful. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago and the doctors thought that might be the answer to my problems. I still was not regular.
I had heard great things about acupuncture and wanted to try it out for my different health problems. I had my first visit with Storm in December of 2009.
He was very professional and very caring. He picked up on my energy right away and recognized that I was holding back some of my emotions. He allowed me a safe place without judgement to let go of some of the things that I had been holding onto for years.
I saw him pretty much once a week. He gave me herbs to take and dietary recommendations.
That first month I started my cycle. He had told me approximately when I should expect it and within days of his prediction I got it. The same thing happened in January. I was happy about this because my husband and I wanted to have kids and a regular cycle is crucial. This seemed to be working. My past history was every 3 months, every 6 months or whenever it felt like it.
My husband and I had been married for 3 years and had been trying to conceive and never even had a close call. We were beginning to think we would not be able to have kids. We began considering adoption.
In February I ended up going to my family physician for blood work on my thyroid and it was discovered during my visit that I was pregnant! I was 6 weeks in already! I was shocked!
I would highly recommend Storm for anyone who is seeking treatment for infertility and menstrual problems. I was very appreciative of his caring and intuitive sense.

Super knowledgeable practitioner! Very good at what he does.

I have been going to Storm for acupuncture a little over a year now, and he has helped so much. All my life I have struggled with skin and environmental allergies. I have lost count of how many different doctors and dermatologists I’ve been to. None have been able to help as much as Storm has. With the acupuncture sessions, my atopic dermatitis has been drastically reduced. My face is no longer constantly red, and the amount of problem areas has gone from entire limbs to patches smaller than a dollar bill. Because of Storm, I am no longer afraid to wear shorts this summer!

Excellent consultation and treatment will return for further treatments.

I see Dr. Storm regularly for his acupuncture and his calm. Very humble, he doesn’t come off as a arrogant doctor type, which I appreciate. Storm has a way he carries himself that seems refreshing to me. I come to vent and share ideas about things and he keeps me centered and balanced.

I was very impressed with the whole experience.

What I can tell you about Storm is that hes a charming person who cares about you. He’s very good with the acupuncture, painless when he does it and you probably won’t even realize he is doing it. Helped me with a lot of emotional situations with a divorce. Storm Morales’ acupuncture helped me recenter myself, got rid of my feelings of being overwhelmed during a messy divorce. I slept better because I was anxiety-free and I was able to carry on with my life. I recommend him 100 percent! You must see him if you are going through something rough.

I have been seeing Storm Morales since his internship days. He was fantastic then and a year later, he is even more fantastic. Any health problem I have thrown at him, from aches and pains to flues, digestive problems, major headaches, he always helped me in a single treatment.

Storm Morales is the best in Long Island. I am a big fan of his and he has a huge following because he is a very sincere man and he does his best for his clients. He’s helped me with my sleep issues. Being a nurse for about 10 years now, I dealt with a lot of anxiety, which caused me to be an insomniac. After a session, I slept peacefully for a week, after 3 sessions, I am sleeping normally. I only come back to him for maintenance sessions. He is highly recommended by me. I recommend it to anyone who wants to quit their sleep meds.

Positive and comfortable experience.

Never experiencing acupuncture before, Storm took his time to explain what acupuncture can do, what it is about and what to expect from it. I honestly expected the needles to hurt but it didn’t hurt a single bit!
He is excellent! If I have a pain, he can fix it. Helped me with my sciatica and my knee pain and he maintains it well. Storm Morales did good in my book and I happily refer friends and family to him.

A very charming and caring spirit, helped me with a lot of grief and sleep issues. Storm is also a great listener and he cares about your healing.

I have only seen Storm twice for my foot pain that I had for about 10 years. I was extremely amazed on how effective his acupuncture is. It was gone in 2 sessions!!!
I went to many different specialists to help me with pain and most of them recommended the use of medications. I also went to many holistic practices to try and alleviate this pain and even though they tried their hardest, it didn’t work.
I tried acupuncture last because I am scared of needles. These needles did not hurt whatsoever. Very tiny, he just placed them where the pain was and it was gone. Took only two visits with me. I am happy with his services, his professionalism and I highly recommend you see him for your pain.

In March of 2009 my husband was working under our car and the jack slipped landing the car on his chest. After a five day stay in the hospital, Storm Morales began to treat him for pain, bruising and loss of feeling in the skin at the point of impact. My husband preferred a session with Mr. Morales over the prescription painkillers, saying the acupuncture helped more. Today, my husband is totally back to normal and still sees Storm Morales for help with relaxation and concentration. I would recommend his treatments to everybody for various ailments. You will never meet a more caring person than Mr. Storm Morales.