About Storm Morales

Storm Morales is a Licensed Acupuncturist (L. Ac.) in the state of New York.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York College in 2008, earning a Master’s degree of Oriental Medicine and Bachelor’s of Professional Studies in the health sciences. Storm also attended Stony Brook University and Suffolk Community College, earning a Bachelors of Arts in the Social Sciences and an Associates of Liberal Arts/Political Sciences respectively.

Even before attending these colleges and before high school, Storm had an insatiable curiosity for complementary medicine. Starting his studies at the age of 14, he would collect books and read articles about medicinal plants, massage therapy and other alternative health modalities and put what he learned into practice. He helped many of his friends, teammates and classmates with their pain and their health problems.

During his studies at New York College, Storm invented his own herbal formulations and products and made these products for his classmates to use in the school’s clinic. His products became exteremely popular with classmates, professors and patients alike that he decided to launch his very own herbal company Storm Cloud Herbals, LLC in 2008.

Besides his practice in Sayville, New York, Storm is the acupuncture consultant for Seafield Rehabilitation Center’s Inpatient facility, helping those who want to live a better life quit their addictions.

In December 2010, Storm journeyed to Guatemala with a small team of acupuncturists and Holistic healers from Healer2Healer.org on a mission to help the impoverished people in El Remate and Antigua that did not have access to healthcare. With a few acupuncturists, a couple of massage therapists, and a handful of Reiki practitioners, Healer2Healer helped over 600 people in as little as 3 days.

Since being in practice, Storm Morales has received recognition for being a top-rated acupuncturist in the field. Storm was awarded “Best Acupuncturist of Long Island” in 2011 by the Long Island Press, “Best Acupuncturist of Sayville” by RateMDs.com and is a member of the “Circle of Excellence” at Merchantcircle.com.